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In 1995, SHII FWU HUEY has been founded, focusing on professional information market, computer products and peripherals and repair and maintenance service.

In 1999, SHII FWU HUEY with factory invested into R&D and manufacturing technology of high-speed fanfold laser printer.

In 2004, SHII FWU HUEY manufactured ALPHAXIS Series in Taiwan and assembled SP4000T and SP2300T high-speed fanfold laser printer in Taiwan.

In 2005, SHII FWU HUEY ALPHAXIS Series supplied LP5-930049 to annual government procurement contract.

In 2006,ALPHAXIS Series of devices for printing double-sided paper was launched.

In 2007, SHII FWU HUEY participated in the annual CCIA printer in Shanghai China and attended ADDC ICT Road Show in INDONESIA and PHILIPPINES to expand the market of Mainland China and international.

In 2008,ALPHAXIS Series’s 600DPI SP4000T-A and SP2300T-A high-speed fanfold laser printer was launched.

In 2010, SHII FWU HUEY and Industrial Technology Research Institute "99 year plan to promote the development of intelligent robotics industry - a life partner robot system development.

At present existing domestic customer group : Govermentinstitution,public-operated organization, military unit, financial organ, school, mid-and small-scale enterprise, factory, development facility Proliferates north, center, south in Taiwan.

Continues to study the development and the technological exchange; Meets need of the various social strata user, is goal which this company all along pursues.

Work flow: